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We are specialists in Stress-related Physiotherapy.

Stress is often thought of as simply working too much and feeling like there’s not enough time for everything But at Sabai, we see stress in a broader context.

it’s about not feeling satisfied.

It’s indeed about working hard, but more importantly, it’s about not feeling satisfied. Stress is closely related to self-demand, Unfulfilled expectations, trying to take on too much, difficulty saying no, and not seeking help

Mechanical stress

Mechanical stress is also present due to improper body use, posture issues, sports, and a sedentary lifestyle

We are physiotherapists

As physiotherapists, not psychologists, we approach stress from the perspective of how your body is affected by physical, mental, and emotional factors.

Sabai Be Healthy

We care about

Your Health and Wellbeing.

We integrate manual physiotherapy with acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and psychosomatics.

In today’s lifestyle, social and family conventions often lead to emotional disconnection from our feelings, hopes, and desires. This can lead to frustration, and as our bodies have no other way to communicate with us, they resort to symptoms like:

  • pain
  • inflammation
  • insomnia
  • digestive issues
  • stiff neck
  • sciatica
  • migraines
  • bruxism
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • idiopathic conditions
  • allergies , itching
  • eczema
  • and more.

We refer to this language of the body as somatization.

About me

Irene Marañón Villa

Let me share a bit about my personal history and how I came to offer what I do.

From a very young age, I faced emotionally challenging situations, leading to somatizations during my adolescence. Recently, in one of the psychosomatic therapy sessions I received, I discovered a strong desire to help others and continue learning about the body to be confident in my ability to assist them.

At the time, finding suitable professionals to accompany me on my journey was challenging But now, many of those who helped me are part of my team at Sabai Be Healthy, collaborating regularly and/or as needed.

Throughout my life, I have tried and achieved positive results with each technique I now offer at Sabai Be Healthy.

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