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What We Do and How We Can Help You

At Sabai, we are specialists in Stress-related Physiotherapy

  • Unconventional Physiotherapy
  • Acupunture
  • Manual Therapy (craniosacral, myofascial, and visceral osteopathy)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbal therapy)
  • Facial Massage & Guasha
  • Holistic Massages (foot reflexology, shiatsu, body massages)
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Psychosomatic Therapy (family
  • Bahiku Water Balance Experience

How is the treatment process?

When you choose to be treated by the Sabai Be Healthy team, you’ll encounter a friendly and welcoming person in a space designed for rest and relaxation

Our holistic approach to the body starts with an interview about your general health , where we listen to your symptoms, their duration, and previous treatments. If you have medical tests, they help us create a treatment plan. We also inquire about your sleep, digestion, and, for women, menstrual history.

After analyzing your case, we proceed with manual therapy to better understand your body and work on your symptoms. If needed, we incorporate acupuncture.

Tailored Treatments

All our sessions and treatments are highly personalized, and I can’t describe the step-by-step process, duration, or the exact time you’ll start feeling better.

But I can assure you that in all our sessions:

  • We focus on you for a full hour
  • We don’t use machines.
  • We are partners in this process, where we suggest and you decide.
  • All our products and tools are natural.
  • We are partners in this process, where we suggest and you decide.
  • Your symptoms will alleviate from the first session.


Special Treatments

Our unique proposals

Sometimes you come to Sabai Be Healthy for some of our unique proposals, such as
Bahiku Water Balance Experience
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Facial Massage with Guasha

All of them are approached from the perspective of holistic Health and Wellbeing (body, mind, and soul).


Water Balance Experience

This treatment combines all my knowledge and is applied in warm water. During the session, I create a safe and comfortable space where your body, immersed in water, can release longheld tensions.

The significant difference in this treatment compared to others is the water itself. Being in contact with your entire body and having a temperature similar to that of the human body, it sends so much information to your nervous system that you can’t help but disconnect from the real world, even if just for a moment

Additionally, thanks to the water, as a therapist, I can approach your body from a threedimensional perspective, without the limitations of a treatment table. This allows me to treat different areas simultaneously and in ways not possible during regular consultations due to gravity.

Each session is entirely unique and special.

You’ll feel light as a feather, physically, mentally, and emotionally aligned, and the changes will remain in your body for a long time, especially those related to mental peace.

You’ll have more energy available for your day-to-day life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

It forms the basis of our entire diagnosis and therapeutic approach, and in our regular sessions, we always consider it. However, when we refer to the “Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation,” it means that you need or our team suggests complementing your treatment with herbal therapy.

This herbal therapy needs to be reviewed every 2, 4, or 6 months to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments. It complements any pharmacological, manual, and/or emotional treatments you might have.

Facial Massage with Guasha

A couple of years ago, I discovered that facial massage could help with my migraines and bruxism and that it wasn’t just about aesthetics or beauty.

Therefore, the facial massage we apply at Sabai Be Healthy will not only leave your skin radiant but also address muscular, ligamentous, and skeletal tensions.

As with all our treatments, we provide personalized care, making each facial massage unique. We combine the massage with Guasha, intraoral treatment, craniosacral therapy, sonopuncture, facial acupuncture, and the best cosmetics to care for your skin.

Whether you need deep relaxation or relief from ATM disorders, bruxism, migraines, or headaches, this treatment is your best ally.

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