Ai Chi is a water movement and relaxation program

that has been created to help people enjoy water in a fluid yet powerful progression.

Ai chi is an efficient exercise program that increases oxygen and calorie consumption simply with correct form and good positioning in the water.

It is a perfect relaxation technique for people with a lot of stress and ideal for improving range of motion, balance and mobility.

Created in Japan by Jun Kono, Ai Chi is performed standing in shoulder-deep water using a combination of deep breathing and slow, wide movements of the arms, legs, and trunk.

This technique can be performed in groups, in couples or individually.

While some therapeutic exercise programs can only be performed by a specific population

Ai Chi has been used with great success in:

  1. Relax Stress
  2. migraines
  3. anxiety
  4. depression
  5. management of the wrath
  6. childbirth preparation
  7. pain management
  8. arthritis
  9. fibromyalgia
  10. COPD
  11. diabetes
  12. multiple sclerosis
  13. amputations
  14. balance deficits
  15. scoliosis
  16. syndrome carpal tunnel
  17. hypertension
  18. stroke
  19. fatigue
  20. eating disorders
  21. weight control
  22. breast cancer
  23. cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
  24. congestive heart failure
  25. menopausal therapy
  26. immunodeficiency disorders

The people who practice Ai Chi are introduced to the basics of circular movements, breath control and stillness while experiencing core stability, upper limb and lower limb movements, and learning correct mechanics, of the pelvis.

Now we are offering this activity in Amanzoe Beach Club, do you can reserve your place here:

Monday and Wednesday 10:30 am

Tuesday 17:30 pm